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Kristen Zaehringer Argues Before the CT Supreme Court

HSSK Partner Kristen Zaehringer argued before the Connecticut Supreme Court on behalf of a group of doctors (NEMS, PLLC and Northeast Emergency Medicine Specialists, LLC)  in a case about whether Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of Connecticut, Inc. is improperly shifting a portion of its share of payment obligations for out-of-network emergency  costs to patients and doctors.

The case presents novel questions of  law concerning Connecticut’s Surprise Bill Law and Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act.  Although the case between the doctors and insurance company is pending before the U.S. District Court, the federal judge asked Connecticut’s highest court to answer three discrete questions about the reach of these statutes.  The case may have far-reaching implications for how claims for out-of-network emergency services are processed.

HSSK Associate Timothy Cowan second chaired the argument along with NEMS’ inhouse counsel, Simon Allentuch. 

Law360 reported on the oral arugments before the COnnecticut Supreme Court.