Business & Professional Practice Breakups & Disputes

Disputes often arise among the owners of small businesses, including both commercial enterprises and professional practices that the owners cannot resolve among themselves. Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff, LLC‘s lawyers can assess what duties may have been violated by other partners, shareholders or members, such as breaches of shareholder agreements, partnership or limited liability company operating agreements, breaches of by-laws or the statutes governing corporations, partnerships, limited partners, or limited liability companies or partnerships, fiduciary duties and, sometimes, breaches of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. They are also able to pursue the full range of available remedies, such as mediation, arbitration or litigation, including actions to dissolve the partnership, corporation or limited liability company or partnership.

Matters in which attorneys at HSSK have represented owners of business entities in disputes with other owners include:

  • Represented plaintiff limited partner in a convertible securities investment management and hedge fund firm in action alleging that general partner and others had sold the businesses of the partnership to insiders and third parties at less than fair market value.
  • Represented software development company and its directors in individual and derivative action by former president alleging wrongful termination and breach of employment agreement.
  • Represented large incorporated medical practice in successful negotiation of departure of a number of shareholders without litigation.
  • Represented defendant law firm and its members in action by resigning member of professional corporation seeking to require firm to compensate him for the value of his shares and alleging violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. See, Sabanosh v. Durant, 1997 WL 804871 (Conn. Super. Ct. Dec. 17, 1997).
  • Represented 50 percent owner of corporation engaged in the processing and resale of recyclables in action for dissolution of corporation.
  • Represented co-owner of dental practice in successful negotiation of breakup without litigation.
  • Represented half owner of optometry practice in dispute resulting in dissolution of professional corporation.
  • Represented partner in national venture capital firm in dispute with firm.
  • Represented partner in failed real estate development venture.
  • Represented father in dispute with son concerning family car wash businesses.
  • Represented orthopedist in breakup of medical practice.

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