Law360 Reports on the Latest Developments in HSSK’s Anti-Poaching Anti-Trust Class Action Against Pratt & Whitney

Mar 1, 2023 | Firm News, Media Alerts

Law360 reported on recent developments in the anti-poaching anti-trust class action brought by eight former employees represented by HSSK and co-counsel against Raytheon Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney division. The article, “DOJ Asks Judge to Rethink Order in Raytheon Poaching Case,” discusses a footnote in the U.S. District Court Judge Sarala V. Nagala’s decision on which the Department of Justice (DOJ) opined in a statement of interest it filed with the Court’s permission.

In the statement, the DOJ, which is separately prosecuting six people accused of playing a role in the no-poaching agreement, supported the plaintiffs’ request for reconsideration of a sentence in the footnote, suggesting that there may be a higher burden for pleading and proving per se anti-trust violations under the Sherman Act than the plaintiffs believe is required pursuant to prevailing case law.

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