Professional Malpractice

Clients trust professionals – doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers, and the like – to handle something most people can’t.  Mistakes can have devastating consequences.  Those damaged by professional malpractice bring claims because their life, their business, or their financial stability has been drastically altered.

That’s why the law recognizes a special standard of care in professional fields, which often involves a “battle of the experts” requiring an ability to understand the technical details of each case.  Regardless of the professional field or the specific loss, our attorneys have the experience, strength and sophistication necessary to handle these matters.

Areas of malpractice experience include:

  • Medical, including wrongful death
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Actuarial
  • Legal
  • Other professional malpractice

Representative matters include:

  • Represented estate of deceased infant in wrongful death action obstetrician, and obtained a landmark decision regarding the “born alive” rule. See Foster v. de Cholnoky, No. FBTCV136034831, 61 Conn. L. Rptr. 122, 2015 WL 5626312, at *1 (Conn. Super. Ct. Aug. 21, 2015).
  • Represented real estate developer in malpractice action against engineer on hydropower project.
  • Represented pension plan in malpractice action against actuary.
  • Represented plaintiff in claim that doctor’s negligence caused renal failure requiring a kidney transplant.


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