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Commercial Transaction (UCC) Disputes

The sale of goods and services is the core mission of most businesses. Our business clients rely on the lawyers at Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff, LLC to enforce agreements for the sales of their products and to review their contracts and procedures to ensure that they have meaningful remedies in the event a dispute arises with a customer or vendor. HSSK is experienced in pursuing and defending the rights of companies under the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC’) regarding sales of goods, and in seeking relief under the private contractual remedies agreed to by the parties. Our lawyers also address more complicated efforts to enforce agreements across state lines and on behalf of clients in foreign countries, and to reach assets of responsible entities by piercing the corporate veil based on the instrumentality or alter ego theories.

Some of the matters pursued in the sales context include:

  • Represented Plaintiff to collect on substantial non-payment for copper goods sold and delivered.
  • Represented distributor of wines in claim for breach of distribution agreement.
  • Represented Plaintiff to collect on goods sold and delivered.
  • Represented Swiss Plaintiff in case of breach of distribution agreement for specialty vodka.
  • Represented defendant in claimed breach of distribution agreement.
  • Represented defendant in claim for alleged non-payment for goods sold and delivered.

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