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Erica C. Oates







An eager and determined advocate, Erica C. Oates represents clients in civil litigation and land use matters. Her civil litigation work includes employment disputes, business torts, insurance disputes, administrative proceedings, and contract disputes. Erica served as second chair in a contested case proceeding for a regional healthcare system with regard to a competitor's application to expand its emergency response operations. She has also worked on a federal discrimination lawsuit in which a minority-owned home healthcare agency brought suit against a state contractor after receiving discriminatory requests by Medicaid home health care recipients not to send staff of particular races and/or national origins.

Erica's land use practice consists of representing businesses, developers, and property owners in various real estate matters, including real property disputes and applications to local land use commissions. She works closely with the client's consultants and local agency staff to ensure thorough applications that comply with local regulations and achieve the development goals. Erica's work includes retail uses, gasoline stations, convenience stores, and industrial facilities.

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