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Product Liability

With the help of technical experts, our attorneys can investigate and litigate claims for personal injury or wrongful death caused by defective products. If you are injured by a dangerous or defective product, you are entitled to full and fair compensation for all of your injuries and losses caused by the defective product. Full and fair compensation includes not only economic damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and impaired earning capacity, but also for physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and any permanent injury or impairment.

The attorneys at HSSK can represent you in connection with claims for damages resulting from a large variety of defective products, including:

Automotive Parts, Products and Components

People may be injured by poorly designed automotive products such as head rests, air bags, child safety seats and non-crashworthy structural components. If you have been injured in a car or truck accident, we will consider whether a defective automotive component caused the accident or made your injuries worse than otherwise would have been the case.

Household and Consumer Products

At HSSK we represent people injured by dangerous and defective household consumer products including power tools and equipment, space heaters, leaders, and household chemicals.

Industrial Equipment

Defectively designed or manufactured construction equipment can cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Call us today if you have been injured by defective machinery, whether in the course of your employment or otherwise so that we can advise you of your rights.

Medical Devices

At HSSK our attorneys pursue claims for people injured by defectively designed or manufactured medical devices, implants and equipment.

Lawyers at Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff, LLC represent persons injured by defective products in both state and federal courts. We will give you a free confidential evaluation of your case so that you fully understand your rights. We work on a contingency, which means that there is no fee or reimbursement of costs unless and until we obtain a recovery for you either by way of negotiated settlement or a judgment from a court after trial.

Call HSSK today for a free consultation if you have been injured by a defective product of any kind. You may be entitled to compensation and you might prevent others from being injured by the same product.

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